Needed help with air purification

I have always struggled with seasonal allergies.

In my case, however, instead of suffering from seasonal allergies for one particular season, my seasonal allergies seem to be for just about every season of the year.

Indoor air purification has always been something that was a major priority for me. When I moved into my home, I decided the first thing that I needed to do was go to the nearest HVAC provider and home comfort business for some air purification help. The first thing that the heating and cooling experts and the indoor comfort business recommended was getting some really effective air filters and furnace filters. The heating and cooling experts explained to me that the filters are the first line of defense in an HVAC system. Next, they recommended regular ductwork cleaning. To be honest, I had never really heard of ductwork cleaning before- I had heard of ductwork replacement, but I suppose it never occurred to me that one could stop a replacement from being necessary. I signed up with the HVAC company to have my ductworks regularly cleaned and I purchased a year’s supply of the highest-rated air filters and furnace filters. After a year of following the HVAC company’s guidelines and regularly cleaning my ductwork and replacing my air filters and furnace filters, I saw a marked improvement in my seasonal allergy symptoms. I’m very thankful for the indoor comfort business’ recommendations and assistance. I’m not sure how I ever made it through without the ductwork cleaning and monthly switching out of the air filters and furnace filters.
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