Needed to upgrade the shed HVAC

My home came with a backyard shed that was meant to be a location to keep tools, but since I am not a handy style of man, I turned it into a home gym.

I bought a few folding mats, a jump rope, free weights, kettlebells, hooks plus all sorts of fun things to outfit the space.

I abruptly realized that the temperature control was going to be a concern. I had to tear down all the drywall plus add insulation. I then needed to invest in modern windows that could open plus let in a breeze. I thought I could simply buy a space furnace plus window cooling device plus call it a day! Nah, that didn’t job well at all. I needed a lot more power if I didn’t want to freeze plus sweat to death when finally working out. The best thing I ever did was invest in a ductless mini split for our workout space. I have both heating plus air conditioning in a single device. I even spent a little more plus got a smart thermostat installed. So I can set the temperature in our shed right before I want to job out. I can do it from my phone, laptop or kindle if I want. I provide myself enough time to get stretched, warm up plus for our home gym to be the proper temperature. Then I can job out in a perfectly climate controlled space. It was upscale getting our workout shed the way I wanted it. I don’t regret anything I have bought however. I look forward to finally working out every single afternoon.

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