Network gathering and being hot and cold

I have always been told that if you want to get far in life and achieve more it’s always important that you surround yourself with the right group of people. I’ve met so many people through friends that I already know. My one friend told me that there was a group of people gathering for a networking event from a very reputable company. My friend wanted me to go there because he knew that I was looking for a new job in the science field. My friend currently works there and he was going and wanted me to go with him. The event was upstairs at a bar. At the event there were some finger foods and free drinks. It was very cold outside so when we went inside it was a nice relief. The event was on the third floor upstairs. When we got it felt a lot warmer than the first floor. The HVAC system must have been on full blast upstairs because it did not feel like that downstairs at all. I was always told that heat rises. But when i looked on the ceiling at the third floor I saw that there were a lot of registers. In my personal opinion I thought that there were too many registers in that size of the space. I felt like with that many air registers in one room it could have heated a 1500 square foot room. It was an older building so maybe the hvac technology wasn’t as modern as it should have been. I’m not an hvac technician but I do know the basics on hvac. Despite how warm the room was, it was a really great networking event. I made a lot of different connections so when I do apply for one of their positions next week I hope the outcome is a good one.