Never again, HVAC

I have been dating this same guy for a few months now plus I finally got the nerve and invited him over to see my site! I was pretty uneasy about the event all week so I had been preparing the condo plus making totally sure it was as clean as possible.

I told him that I would cook breakfast for him while he was over, too so I had the added pressure of making completely sure the meal would be perfect. I am a pretty fantastic cook on my own, so I have been trying to know of the best thing I can whip up. On the same damn day he was supposed to come over I was getting breakfast all scrambled and ready when I started to suppose truly warm. I was covered in so much sweat while I was making breakfast but thought it was just the boatload of nerves that were making me suppose hot, however, whenever I went to adjust the thermostat I saw that the dedicated control panel was black plus nothing I did could make it come back on no matter what I did. I truly didn’t know what to do because even if I could get a talented Heating, Ventilation and A/C tech over to the condo right away, there was no way that he could have the a/c system fixed and the place cool in time for my date. I was truly starting to panic plus lost track of the time quickly. Out of nowhere there was a knock at the front door. I sure was hoping it was the Heating, Ventilation and A/C tech but it was actually my date. I didn’t know what to do so we went out to breakfast instead, thankfully, he was okay with that idea!

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