Never knew how long it would take

When I decided to get rid of my gas furnace and go for a full on central heating and air conditioning system unit, I had no idea how long the removal of the gas furnace would take! I knew it would be somewhat of a detailed process.

  • But I did not see it being an all day thing.

It was almost like they were rebuilding my house or something! I never really knew a gas furnace was so complicated to take out! The installation of a gas furnace takes a little while I know, but again, not even half as long as this all day affair with the removal of the gas furnace. Then installing the new central heating and air conditioning system was another all day thing. It had to do with the fact that there was never any kind of central heating or cooling in this house before. So they had to make adjustments as well as lay ductwork. The ductwork laying was actually a few days worth of work. And I even had to leave my house and stay with a friend one of the nights this was going on. It’s really mind blowing how detailed heating and air conditioning installation and removal can be. I never really knew until I seen it happening for myself. I actually appreciate the heating and air conditioning workers more now than I ever did before. I also see how and why they make such a good income at what they do!
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