Never to seasoned to hit the work out room

It’s never too late to start, is what young and optimistic fools constantly tell me.

I am a grouch, a crotchety seasoned man, and I feel I’ve received it, quite frankly.

I don’t want positivity and sun and rainbows, I’m too seasoned for all of that, but give me our crossword puzzle, some coffee, and a fair bit of silence and I am a glad woman So it causes me great consternation to disclose that those fools were right, and it absolutely isn’t too late to start, and any afternoon above ground is a nice afternoon, that’s our motto. And our doctor says if I want numerous more afternoons above ground I need to exercise, and I need to start instantly. I may be set in our ways and all, however a little exercise seems appreciate a small price to pay for all the crosswords I have yet to complete. At first I started with a little walk every afternoon, until one afternoon our walks took me to a little gym nearby. I had heard of the location before, that it was a gym catering mostly to retirees such as myself. They offered a lot of weird kinds of exercise programs there, from yoga and weights to something called an aquatic workout, whatever that is. I check the location out, and asked if I could just come there to toil out separate from signing up for a personal trainer or paying a gym membership. They offered me a free month of gym membership, and were confident I want to keep paying for the gym after that. They were right.

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