New apartment HVAC woes

My sister is getting ready to move into her new home.  She tried to find a buyer for her home, for over two years.  Last month, the realtor finally found someone to buy her home, and she only had thirty days to move out.  She had almost given up finding a buyer and had quit looking for an apartment. She had decided to downsize since her husband had died.  She didn’t need a four bedroom home, and she thought that it would be better to just have a small apartment in an over-fifty community. They had an apartment available and told her they would have it ready for her in two weeks.  Yesterday was the end of the two weeks, and she hadn’t heard anything. They said there was a problem with the HVAC in the apartment. Every apartment has its own HVAC unit. This makes it easier for everyone when it comes to the energy bills.  It makes each tenant responsible for the energy they use. They take more care with how much heating and air conditioning they use. She is down to less than a week before she needs to vacate the house, and yet, there is no apartment ready for them.  She is praying that the HVAC is an easy fix, because she’ll be out on the streets at the end of the week. Maybe she should have looked for another apartment that had a good HVAC system, or one that had an integrated HVAC system to all apartments. I just hope they can get this one ready or have another available for her.

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