New condo has particularly noisy PTAC system

If not, I do not think what I’m going to do

My folks live 2 hours from the University so I decided I wanted to rent a locale of my own rather than make the commute everyday, however i was able to find a nice little condo near the University and I entirely liked it, at first. It has a little kitchen, dining room and living room: all in a single room. It even has a little lavatory and the condo comes fully furnished so I figured it would be perfect, however then, a couple nights before university started, I moved into my modern apartment. That’s when I observed a large problem, but my condo has PTAC air conditioner and heating, just appreciate they have in hotels, but also appreciate many hotels, the a/c and gas furnace are super noisy. I didn’t get any sleep that first evening because of the noise. The following afternoon, I bought myself earplugs however they do particularly little to muffle the sound. I tried asking the landlord to service the concern however she said that it’s an seasoned building and that the heating and air conditioner work. What more can I ask for? For a single, I would appreciate to be able to sleep and study so that I can do well in university. I do not think that will be possible with the noise coming from my heating and air conditioner. I’m either going to have to go without weather conditions control, or I’m going to have to go without peace and quiet. I might try buying some noise cancelling headphones and see if they help. If not, I do not think what I’m going to do. It’s too far to drive to and from my folk’s apartment everyday. I signed a lease on this condo too so I’m kind of stuck here for at least a year.

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