New dad?

My parents got divorced, when my sister and I were five. My dad moved out of the country, and my mom never dated again. My sister and I rarely saw my dad, and my mom never talked about him either. When my mom came home last week and announced a wedding surprise, my sister and I were completely distraught. My mom never mentioned a boyfriend, and we didn’t even know she was dating. My mom introduced my sister and I to a tall hefty fellow named Morris. Morris seems like a good guy. He was clearly nervous to meet my sister and I, which made us feel better. Morris took us all out for dinner, and he let us choose our favorite steakhouse. We asked him a ton of questions. He happily answered them all. Morris seems like a nice guy, and he has a great sense of humor. I never saw my mom laugh so much. Morris’s family owns a large HVAC retail chain. The HVAC retail chain performs service calls and installations, but they also have a retail store with heaters and A/C units. My mom and Morris met, when he was installing her new Central HVAC unit. My mom had a new Central HVAC unit installed a last summer. That’s when my mom and Morris met for the first time. Morris ask my mom for a date, and she said yes. My mom didn’t tell us she was dating, because it was a new experience. My mom seems really happy with Morris, and that’s all that matters to my sister and I.

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