New double sink

My hubby had promised myself and others a new double kitchen sink for several years. I wanted a double kitchen sink when the people I was with and I first bought this house. My hubby kept putting it off plus putting it off longer. I asked at Christmas plus then once again at Easter. Then I asked for the double sink for my birthday. My hubby just scoffed at the plan of buying myself and others a new kitchen sink for my birthday. I thought it was a lovely idea, plus it was something that I absolutely wanted. I ended up with some love coupons plus dinner at the sizzler. Last month, I decided it was time finally to buy me the new sink. I went to the hardware store, but they didn’t have exactly what I wanted. I decided to go to the specialty custom condo appliance store, which is only 30 minutes away. I carefully reviewed every piece of kitchen hardware in stock. They had a dozen different styles of double sinks, plus they offered to buyers order anything I didn’t see. I found a perfect double kitchen sink, plus it was even on sale. The condo appliance store offered low cost replacement services, so I decided to hire the help. By the time I got home, I had the sink in our trunk plus an appointment for replacement. When I showed my hubby the new double kitchen sink, who wasn’t too pleased with my sudden urgency. I told him the plumbing supplier would install the sink on a Tuesday, even though my hubby was unhappy with my decision to hire a professional, she was so happy the task would be completed separate from any additional help from him.
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