New friend is handy

My company offered me a lucrative job, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It meant leaving all of my friends and family behind. I was anxious and nervous, when I said goodbye and drove away in the moving truck. I moved into a nice apartment community, with a gated entry and security guard. It was a nice job perk, because the company was paying my rent. The first day I arrived, I met some pretty nice people. I was unloading the truck alone, because I didn’t know anyone. Some downstairs neighbors offered to help. I told them I didn’t have any money to pay, and they scoffed at my request. They spent two hours helping me unload boxes, furniture, and a king size bed. After everything was in the apartment, my new friends went back home. I had a lot of unpacking to perform, so I turned down the A/C. I just wanted the A/C to be a few degrees cooler. Thirty minutes after I adjusted the A/C, I no longer felt any cool air. I started to search for the A/C unit. I finally found it hiding behind a closet door. The A/C unit was frozen solid. I contacted the apartment management office, and they sent the building maintenance supervisor. It was the same fellow who helped me move all of the boxes. He came upstairs and worked on the A/C unit. He also brought a couple of cold beers, and we talked while he worked. I think I made a new friend, and he is a very handy guy.

ac unit