New heat pump

My wife and I have been living in our home for the past six years. During that time, we haven’t had very many huge problems. Until recently, things have been quiet. In November, we started to have problems with the heat pump. It took forever to heat our home, even when the thermostat was set high. My wife and I felt it was time to replace our home heating equipment. We used a reputable HVAC dealer in town. They were highly recommended with 4 star online reviews in customer service, competitive pricing, and overall customer satisfaction. We had a new heat pump installed. It took a few hours to install the new heat pump, but it worked like a champ. We only ran the heat pump for a few months, before we had the first issue. We couldn’t get the heat pump top respond to the thermostat. Even with the temperature set to 75 degrees, the heat pump still wouldn’t come on. Since the heat pump was under warranty, my wife and I called the HVAC dealer to check on things. We found out that the heat pump needed to be reset. It was a complicated process of turning off the breaker, waiting 10 minutes, and hoping the heat pump would work. The reset helped, and the heat pump work fine for another month. Then we started to have the same problems again. My wife and I were starting to become frustrated, because the new heat pump didn’t seem to work very well. Luckily, we found out that the old heat pump was being recalled. The HVAC company had to replace the heat pump at no charge to the two of us.

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