New HVAC installation

When I was a child, about the age of 7, my family moved from a southern state to a northern state. Living in the south owning an Air Conditioner is important! Heating is not as important. Likewise, living in the north owning a Heater is important and Air Conditioning isn’t important. Normally this is the case except for the year we moved into the home up north. That year the summer was particularly hot and moving into a home in the heat, with no A/C, was almost unbearable. This home did not have an Air Conditioner or Heater system installed as it was a new home. It did not take long for my father to go to the local HVAC dealer and speak to someone about installing an HVAC unit for our home. He scheduled an appointment and the A/C technician came out to the house and checked things out. I loved watching as the technician worked. It was exciting to see an Air Conditioning and Heating system be installed. By the time we were finished unloading the moving trucks, unpacked the boxes, and had things organized, our new HVAC system was up and running. It was a welcomed addition to our new home. I was able to spend the rest of that summer playing in nice cool A/C. My father made sure to sign a contract with the company for maintaining and servicing our new Air Conditioner. Someone would come out bi-annually to service our unit. I sure do love living up north now, especially with our brand new A/C unit running and cooling our home.