New HVAC is great wedding present

When my boyfriend and I got engaged, we immediately started to search for a house. My boyfriend’s lease was up in a few months, and I was still living at home. My boyfriend and I found a nice starter house, a few months after our engagement. His parents gave us the money for our down payment, as a wedding present. I was really surprised and ecstatic. I assumed we would use all of our savings to buy our first house. My boyfriend and I moved in right away, and started fixing up the place. We added a second bathroom in the master bedroom, and increased the kitchen size by 50%. A few weeks before our wedding, our HVAC unit stopped working. It was very sudden and quite unexpected. We came home from shopping for groceries, and the air conditioner was off. My boyfriend tried to troubleshoot the problem, but he couldn’t diagnose the air conditioner problem. We called and HVAC contractor, and we found out that we needed to buy a brand new system. My boyfriend and I were a few weeks from our wedding, and we didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars for a new HVAC unit. We decided to postpone the purchase, until the cold weather arrived. We would have several months to save, after we got married. Our wedding was fabulous and everything was perfect. My new husband and I left on our honeymoon, and came home to a brand new HVAC unit. My parents decided to surprise us, and they paid for the new HVAC unit as an additional wedding present.

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