New job is more money

When my girlfriend suggested moving across the state, I was incredibly nervous. I never lived anywhere except close to home. I live with my mom and dad until I was 22, and then I moved in with some friends. I still lived a few blocks away from my mom and dad, and I visited them a few times each week. My girlfriend received a lucrative job offer, and she didn’t want to say no. Since she would be making almost double her salary, I couldn’t ask her to say no. I told my boss that I would be leaving the HVAC company. He was sad to see me go, but he gave me a wonderful recommendation. As the owner of the HVAC company, his letter of recommendation was worth a pile of gold. I didn’t start looking for a new job, until my girlfriend and I were settled into our new apartment. Her company paid for the move and our first two month’s rent. I had some time to relax and put the apartment together. Once I started to search for an HVAC job, I found tons of advertisements for qualified and certified HVAC technicians. I had five interviews in three days, and four of those HVAC companies offered to give me a job. The best part was the pay, which was significantly higher than my old job. Now I am making almost $5 more each hour. I also receive medical, dental, and vision benefits. I even qualify for vacation hours. I’m so glad that my girlfriend forced us to move out of that town.