New neighbor HVAC recommendation

A lady down the street just built this colossal home.  She retired here from up north. During construction of her home, she came by to introduce herself.  We had a nice chat over a cold iced tea. As she was leaving, this lady asked for an HVAC contractor recommendation.  Considering I had gone through the process of finding the right HVAC personnel, I told her I might be able to help her.  I asked if I could swing by her house to discuss what I learned about HVAC and which company to pick. Two days later, I phoned before going over to discuss all things HVAC.  Her house was nearly complete and it was awesome. The architecture was sublime and impeccably thought out. The more I walked around, the more I realized what I could offer her in HVAC knowledge would be perhaps moot.  So, I called the HVAC contractor I used on the off chance he would be able to come take a look. The heating and cooling pro arrived and was the consummate professional I remembered him to be. My new neighbor was thrilled to have someone to speak with about what her HVAC needs might be.  The HVAC man showed her the different calculations he had done to ensure she received correctly sized HVAC.Most of the ductwork was in place. It simply needed the rest finished and connected to a heating and cooling unit. This nice lady was so taken with the HVAC contractor, she asked him for an official quote.  The next day, he emailed her a quote with 3 different, but equally good, HVAC options. My new friend sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers to thank me for my assistance. Looks like I may have a new friend.

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