New Roommate Thinks HVAC is Touchy Subject

When I was in the market for a new roommate I tried really taxing to screen all the applicants to find the greatest match for myself and others & our lifestyle.

I mean, you don’t want to wind up sharing a townhouse with someone who feels totally unusual about residential residing & utility bill payments than you do.

I think most people know that residing with people is not an easy task. Having too several opinions in one house is very challenging, & it can cause a lot of uncomfortable problems. For me, this is most clearly evidenced when you beginning considering your bills, your need to stick to a budget, & how appliances will be used. For instance, have you ever sat down to talk to a potential roommate about the thermostat as it relates to the heating and cooling bill? This is something that I think needs to be discussed with a new roommate before ever letting him or her move in. And yet, I didn’t do it this last time. The main situation is, the people I was with and I only have a central indoor air temperature control system, so we only get one pick for indoor temperature & quality with this centralized cooling system & gas furnace system. As I’ve been aware of vastly differing levels of responsibility for the thermostat settings, Heating & Air Conditioning equipment, & heating, cooling, & air quality repair appointments will often cause tension in the house. I managed to sign a lease with someone who really doesn’t do his fair share keeping up with the unit in order to keep up with the air quality. I can’t even bring up the air quality topic because it will cause an argument. I realized that Heating & Air Conditioning was a touchy subject for anyone, although I didn’t realize that our new roommate would not even offer ten bucks for an air filter. As a result, the people I was with and I constantly have heating & cooling unit issues & high energy bills. Not the roommate situation I was hoping to have.

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