New vacation, no air conditioning

For our ten year anniversary, my partner and I wanted to do something that we hadn’t experienced ever before. Nearly all the years prior to this one, we have stuck to the same old plan. We head over to the beach for a weekend trip and stay in our favorite hotel. The hotel is five star quality, and comes with all of the amenities like a customizable heating and cooling system for the entire room, 24/7 room service, and a personal driver to anywhere around the city. After so many years however, we wanted to spice it up and live life a little more freely. That’s why we decided to head overseas and backpack through the mountains for a week. After a few days in the mountains with no modern luxuries, we slowly started to lose the pep in our step. We found that it was hard for us to want to do anything without some fresh air conditioning blowing in our face to cool us down, or somebody to bring us some fresh food. It was also a nightmare to try and fall asleep with all of the intense humidity in the air. All we had to keep us cooled off climbing these steep mountains was the rare breeze from the ocean. By the time the week was finished and we were on our flight back home, we were already planning our trip to the five star hotel for next year. I think that we will leave the extreme adventures to our kids, while we will lounge around in our five star hotel room. Some people might say that roughing it is the way to go, but we prefer the comforts of proper air conditioning and civilization!

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