New Vacuum Made the HVAC Circuit Breaker Cut Off

I recently decided to get rid of my old vacuum and get a new one.

I bought a powerful vacuum that is supposed to be really good at picking up dog hair.

I do think that I really like it, but there is a problem. For some reason, whenever I plug in the vacuum, two of the circuit breaks cut off. The one that I plugged the vacuum into and the circuit breaker that goes to the HVAC unit. I simply do not understand it. I decided to call the electrician about the fact that the HVAC circuit breaker cuts off, and he absolutely told me I must be mistaken. It always makes me mad when people say those kinds of things. I mean, I am smart enough to read the little label that says heating and cooling. He said he would be able to come in and take a look, but to tell you the truth, I didn’t like the condescending way he spoke to me. So, I called the HVAC guy that installed my heating and cooling unit. He, too, was baffled, but he did not insist that I must be wrong. He simply arranged an HVAC service call and came out. He is here right now, and I am about to hand him the vacuum so he can see that when he plugs it in, the a/c will cut off. I hope I don’t have to get a new vacuum because of the air conditioner! I am glad the HVAC guy came out, anyway, because I have used him for all the a/c repairs I have needed, and I even have a service contract with the company. Maybe his service call won’t cost me anything. That would be nice, and I would be sure to recommend this HVAC company to my friends if that’s the case.

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