New years party

My neighbor threw this big new years eve party this past new years. It was a really wild and over the top party! Everyone was drinking, dancing to music, talking, hanging out and just having a grand old time. I could not imagine anything that could go wrong. Well, that was until some of the people that were real drunk ended up somehow getting hold of a football and playing catch in my neighbor’s house! The next thing I know, I heard this big bang, and it seemed the football smashed my neighbor’s thermostat! The thermostat was shattered in pieces all over the floor. My neighbor is a good sport, cause at that point I was thinking the party was over, and someone was gonna get their butt kicked! But nope, my neighbor was light hearted about it all and decided that it was no big deal since the heating was still working on the heating and cooling unit. It was just that the thermostat was broken and could not have the temperature control on the thermostat dial adjusted if anyone needed to turn the thermostat up or down. So, we had fun, rang in the new year, and on the day after new years, the first business day back of the week, my neighbor called the local heating and cooling dealer out to fix the broken thermostat on the wall. It did not cost a whole lot for the repair and replacement of the broken thermostat on the wall. I was happy to hear that when my neighbor told me it all was no harm done. But my neighbor did say they would not be throwing another party next new years.

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