Nightmare neighbors

Almost every weekend, my partner and I will invite our longtime neighbors over for dinner at our place. We have been keeping this tradition going for a couple years now, and we have really loved hanging out with the two of them. We will make dinner as a group and then catch up on the past week while drinking some nice wine. Our neighbors always seemed to be laid back, and calm individuals, until this past weekend. During the middle of the night a few days ago, my partner and I woke up because it was so hot inside. Apparently our aging air conditioning unit had been getting too worn down over the past few years, because it was not functioning anymore. When the morning finally came around I made a call over to the HVAC heating and cooling company to have them come out and repair or replace our broken down a/c unit. Later on when our neighbors came over for dinner and wine however, they were more upset than we were about the lack of air conditioning! They began to ask us why in the world would we still host dinner if there was no cool air in the house, and why we hadn’t taken care of it already. They were being so rude to my husband and I that we told them to just leave. After they both left, I had a feeling that they were either very rude people, or had just been hanging out for us too lounge around in our chilly house. My mom used to always tell me that being too warm can bring the worst out of people, and I guess that she was right after all.

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