No a/c in the south

I live in the Northeast part of the country, however a friend of mine recently moved south.  I wasn’t sure how he was really going to care about living in the heat plus humidity, although he assured myself and others time and time again that the doctor said it would be better for his health.  She also gave myself and others a resting invitation to visit his at any time, plus I didn’t even need to supply notice. Of course, I wouldn’t go without first letting his think I am on the way already, but I was actually intrigued with the proposal of going to see down south.  I have a good deal of family that lives there, but I see them at least twice a year, when they come up for our national holidays. Last week, I had a trip of many weeks coming up. I decided to take a trip all the way down south plus find out if it was as great as everyone thought it was.  I packed up our whole car, called our friend, plus told his I would be there in about several afternoons. I truly loved the way the scenery changed as I moved further south. The oak trees quickly turned into palm trees plus there were weird fruits hanging on the exotic trees. I especially loved the ‘Caution, Armadillo crossing’ signs.   The thing I really didn’t care about the proposal that every time I stopped driving, the outdoor weather was getting hotter plus stickier. I ran from the air conditioned car plus into the well-air conditioned rest stop. By the time I got to his house, I felt care about I was literally suffocating. I walked in, plus his a/c had gone on the fritz.  She offered to go ahead and get myself and others a hotel where there was a/c, however only if he went along with me.

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