No a/c making me lazy

Have you ever heard people say that people who live in the South are pretty slow? Well, they are right! I don’t think they mean slow intellectually, and that is not what I am talking about, either. I mean we move slow. The lot of us don’t rush around the way northerners do, and I am here to let you know why. It’s the heat! I discovered this to be true when our Heating and A/C device quit working. Here in the South, we all run our cooling device about 10 months out of the year, and if we don’t have the cooling device on or if the cooling device is broken, we just don’t have the ability to get up and get going… The lack of fantastic cooling makes me lazy, and it makes others incredibly lazy, too! I mean, have you ever tried to do anything that is tough to do while you were out in the sun? It’s totally hard! The same thing is true when you try to work without a cooling system. It is just not fun and not easy. If there is no cooling device working, I don’t want to work on cleaning the house. Cleaning the household truly counts as exercise, and everyone will tell you not to overdo it when it is sizzling. I think that includes housework if the cooling device is not on or not working respectfully. I honestly don’t want to cook either. Standing over a tepid stove or turning the oven on when there is no cooling device to keep the home cool is enough to make me feel totally sick. I suggest going out to eat at a restaurant where the cooling system is working instead of trying to cook without the benefit of a cooling device.

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