No AC in a pet store

Occasionally when you walk into someone’s home for the first time, you can immediately tell that they have pets… Some people are much better at maintaining that pet smell than others, however walking into a pet store with no air conditioner is a weird story, that is the worst smell you will ever smell, but imagine this- the dirtiest person you believe plus add 10 cats plus 10 cats, plus 40 hamsters.

The smell can be unbearing.

When there is no AC in the building to circulate the air plus cool the pets, it makes for an even worse experience. I care about going to pet stores plus looking at the cute pets, but occasionally, it is nice to be able to chance them up plus play with them if you are sad. Once I walked into a pet store with no AC plus I immediately left. The smell of urine plus covered in sweat cats was absolutely repulsive. When the air conditioner is broken at a site that sells lives pets, they are required to have it repaired within a particular time frame, but for some people, this can be particularly tough if they are not selling enough cat food in a week… AC repairs can be particularly expensive plus if business owners do not have funds set aside for this, they will be forced to shut down. The pets will have to go anywhere where they are comfortable plus will earn the care plus attention they deserve. A pet store separate from air conditioner is insufficient.

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