No cooling at the dentist

As if a toothache isn’t bad enough, the air conditioner at the dentist office didn’t work either, and i woke up Saturday morning with a poor pain in my tooth so I called a few places before I found one that had an available appointment, then well when I got to the office I found out why they had openings; it was super hot and humid in the building with a bad smell came with it. I was in so much pain that I didn’t care too much about the warmth, I just wanted my tooth fixed ASAP. I ended up waiting 45 minutes past my appointment to be called in plus another 37 minutes before I saw the dentist, then by this time I was starting to feel sick cause of the smell that I had now ascertained was coming from the ventilation ducts. When I mentioned it to the dentist, he said that the air conditioner hadn’t been working for a few days plus he thinks it is related to the smell. By this time I had heard enough. I opted to take my x-rays and go elsewhere even if I would have to wait a few weeks. I couldn’t trust an office that wouldn’t take care of their air conditioner to take care of me, but how do I know they wipe their tools and such? As it was, I’d been in the office for 3 hours baking in the heat and feeling sick in the stench as well as nothing had undoubtedly been done, however fortunately, I was able to find another dentist in a clean, fresh, and air conditioned building the undoubtedly next morning. I was in and out in just over an hour.

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