No heating system in cabin ruins vacation –

My boyfriend, Scott, is a big camping enthusiast.  Every chance he gets, Scott takes off into the woods with nothing but a tent and his backpack.  He just loves sleeping on the ground, bathing in a lake, and cooking his dinner over an open fire.  He constantly tries to convince me to join him. I prefer the comforts of my home. I like to have access to running water, coffee maker, microwave and thermostat.  I’ve spent a great deal of time, effort and money to make my home as enjoyable and welcoming as possible. I see no reason to abandon it and suffer without modern amenities.  Last fall, Scott talked me into a week-long camping trip in the mountains. He promised to rent a cabin with electric, plumbing, heating and cooling. We first drove forever, then parked the car and hiked for hours to reach the cabin.  I was exhausted when we arrived, and not happy to find a fireplace instead of a thermostat. Rather than a furnace providing heat, we needed to chop down trees and light a fire. The process of cutting the wood, hauling it inside and getting the fire started was difficult and time-consuming.  It made a mess, and then we dealt with smoke and ash. We were forced to huddle right up near the fire for warmth. This was not the ideal vacation. From now on, I am insisting on a hotel with room-service, indoor pool, and a working heating and cooling system. I want to take long showers, eat breakfast in bed, and adjust the thermostat to my preference.