No HVAC system to warm us up

Growing up, snow would cover the streets each winter. My sisters and I, eager to make snow angels and snowmen, would bundle up in jackets and sled down the hill by our house. Sometimes we’d break into snowball fights, laughing at each other’s alarm whenever a snowball smacked one of us in the face. Caught up in the moment, we never noticed how cold it was. Not until we would return home and find ourselves shivering no HVAC system to warm us up. My family never purchased a heater installation because hiring a HVAC technician was just too expensive. I wish my family had known about affordable heater installation options, because it would have alleviated my family’s suffering. Instead, my family settled for a dingy, portable heater—one of those electric ones that rotate, blowing out lukewarm air. My sisters and I, still bundled in our winter clothes, would sip hot chocolate and huddle around the heater, soaking in the little warmth available. At the time, huddling around the heater seemed normal, but looking back, I realize how a heater installation could have changed my family’s life. Winter would have been a much more pleasant experience. My sisters and I wouldn’t have had to huddle around the heater, preventing us from completing our daily activities. Because of my negative heater experience, I know that when I have kids of my own, I will be sure to hire a HVAC provider to install an affordable heating system—one that heats up the entire house, rather than just one location, because the right heater can make winter much more bearable.

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