No more heat or humidity

I know that some people feel that the ultimate escape is to an area where there is an eternal summer.

I know those people well because they anyone who lives in a tropical area.

I don’t think it is paradise living here. The heat and the humidity can be so overbearing and stifling, and there is nothing wonderful or comfortable about living here. Here, where I live, the weather remains hot and humid all year round. Personally, I have had it with all of the summer weather. There are some times during the summer when I come out of the house and literally run to my car. I turn on the air conditioning, but oftimes, the seat belt is even too hot to touch. I can’t even hook it up to put it on. I get to work or to my destination and I am jumping out of the car and running, even before it is completely turned off. I can’t wait to get into the building and feel the comfort of the air conditioning. When I am done, I will run from the building, only to get into a hot car that feels like a bake oven. I rush home so I can go into my home and turn the thermostat low while I try to relax. This is my life and I dream of living somewhere where the air is cool and the summers are bearable even the air conditioning isn’t perfect. I don’t want to live in the mountains, I want to be able to open the window and feel refreshing breeze blowing through my home.


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