No more pain or feelings of anxiety

You know, I never realized how severe my anxiety was until I got my medical cannabis card.

  • I didn’t even acquire it because of anxiety but because I was getting severe migraines.

There was a time when the pain would go away with regular headache medicine, but those medicines quit working. You know it actually reached the point where those medicines would make me vomit which was bad news for me. I had no relief in sight and that’s when a buddy said I should turn to medical cannabis. So I did and let me tell you the experience has been remarkable. I had smoked a bit of cannabis back in my day, but nothing heavy. But now I was able to get these vape pens with cartridges and it has been great. I don’t feel anxious or aggravated and I don’t get the headaches anymore. I even was able to keep my cool with the HVAC company for forgetting to call me to schedule the HVAC appointment. I have an HVAC service plan and they know they are supposed to call me. I think at this point they might be afraid to talk to me because I’m always yelling at somebody. I have to admit, it was because of the severe pain I was feeling and it always had me tense and aggravated. I couldn’t get good sleep at night or anything even when I had the air conditioner cranked up. Now I don’t have to crank the A/C as much when I go to sleep at night, I can just take a puff of an indica strain and it will lull me to sleep like a baby with no more pain or feelings of anxiety.



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