No more thermostat capabilities, no more happiness

Using the heat throughout the year is inevitable when you grow up a few states south of the northern border. We live practically in Canada, as the weather is endlessly chilled. The summer season only last for about a week here, which is very anti-climatic compared to the summers back home. My husband absolutely enjoys being in a cooler place, but I definitely would argue against that. As long as I get to stay indoors, I can make due – but when I have to travel, or be outside for any reason at all, I do not like how chilly it always gets! Having the heat on for about ten months straight is really taxing for our heating system. But, having a functional gas furnace is critical! We had purchased this new one when the two of us first moved into our home about three years ago. Then, we had no complications with the system, but now it’s not the case. The thermostat is actually what first started giving us trouble, as it was not adjusting the temperature as requested when we adjusted it! Initially, we thought that there was something wrong with our gas furnace. My husband figured out that it was not the gas furnace, but the temperature control of all things. We found ourselves just settling with grabbing a new temperature control, as ours eventually just quit working anyway. With the Heating in addition to A/C company technician on-site, we replaced the thermostat and now have a much more functional and appealing HVAC system. I just hope that we can maintain it now!


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