No need to run our heating system

In school, our buddies and I always threw a holiday celebration, and sometimes it would be around Halloween, but other times it could get as late as the following year! Once a year though, my roommates and I threw a large bash in the coldest season, and the reason we chose to do it when it was freezing was to save cash.  A celebration in the Summer for broke school guys is rough… You have a ton of people crammed in a small home plus the AC has to accommodate that! Most of the time, people leave the door open to let in a breeze. It would be a large drain on the house’s already aged and failing cooling system. So what our roommates all did was throw the home celebration when it was freezing out. The large amounts of people created a lot of body heat. Also, there was dancing plus drinking. Both of those things are natural heat inducers. Instead of paying for extra cooling, the group of us paid for less heating. We all always turned off the gas furnace for the whole celebration. At first, it was a bit freezing being in the middle of Wintertime without the gas furnace on. After the celebration got going, people started moving plus drinking, the heat would naturally grow. It would get tepid enough that people would still open the door to let in a breeze. It did not bother me at all since I was not wasting any heating doing this. Smart system with our heating machine right? The natural heat of the people seemed to balance out our whole locale just perfectly.

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