No portables for us

This year has brought a lot of rain to our area.  We have surpassed our normal amount of rainfall and are bordering on setting a new record for the year.   Because of all of the rain, many people are also experiencing an influx of mold and mildew. Mold thrives in damp areas, and our home is damp.  I was cleaning my closet and I spied a huge patch of mold in the back corner. We had thought that our dehumidifier was taking care of the dampness, but we hadn’t planned on having a leak around our chimney.  The rain was so fierce and the wind so bad that it had forced the rain up under the roofing and it had comes down along the chimney and made the ceiling of our closet wet. We had to get up on the roof and tack down the roof and put some kind of glue up there.  We had a dehumidifier in our closet and he had to put heat to the ceiling to dry it out. We also had to add an air purification system to our dehumidifier. The air purifier helped to kill the mold spores before they were able to grow and multiply any more. I never thought about how much havoc could be wreaked by an overabundance of rain.  Once the rainy season ends, we’ll be doing an all over check of our roofing and we’ll be adding a good dehumidification system and an air purification system to our HVAC. There won’t be any more portable units for us.