Northern winters are a different animal

I get so ticked off about Wintertime.

It just almost crushes my motivation as well as energy to go out and make the most of my life.

As soon as I guess that first cold wind while I was in the fall, I believe what I’m in for. The depression as well as dread for the Wintertime weather starts to take me. This is also the sizable flag that goes up every year for me to call the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C people. They come out every fall to inspect, scrub as well as service our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C oil furnace. However, having a working, reliable oil furnace does little to mitigate my Wintertime angst. It’s as though I am never one hundred percent able to escape the bone chilling cold. My loft is the South where the heat pump was all all of us ever used. And that wasn’t even all that often while I was in those beautifully mild Winter Times. The weather in the South is the best. With that being said, except for around 3 months when it gets monstrous hot down there. I’ve been up north now for 6 years. One would guess that I would have been able to weather conditions to the weather at this point. Anyways, it just hasn’t happened. The Wintertimes are just so long. The Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C heating method is running for at least five months out of the year. When Springtime finally comes to this area, I’m extremely strung out by the cold that I have a hard time enjoying the rest of the year. Later when the fall rolls around, I just find myself dreading Wintertime again. We have around 2 more years to live up here before I can return to the sunlight and the Winter. I’m ready to have that heat pump back in my life.

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