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I used to work for my father, as a roofer, during the summer when I wasn’t in college.  I think it is the most horrible job that you could do. It is the middle of summer, and sometimes the temperatures are in the nineties, or higher.  You up on top of the roof, and the heat is coming back at you, even warmer than the heat that is coming from the sun. I am also a pale blond, and I need to wear a lot of sunblock, which makes me sweat.  I wear a hat, long sleeve shirt, long pants, and if the sun comes in contact with any skin, I am in trouble. It’s bad enough being outside in the heat, dressing like it’s fall, and now I am doing hot work.  You can’t keep climbing up and down the ladder, so you can get to the cooling air conditioner in the truck. You were up there for hours, with no air conditioning, no shade, and very little water. The men who worked on the ground, were able to take a couple of breaks, but not me.  It must have been nice to get into the truck and feel the air conditioning, while gathering their supplies. I’m wondering if I’m not stuck up here on the roof because of my size. It seems like the men who are left on the ground, are much beefier than I am. I’m not afraid of heights, and I scramble up the ladder, quite easily.  Maybe I should gain a couple of pounds, and take advantage of the air conditioning like the rest of the men down there.