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Did you ever sign up for one of those, “free vacations” that are provided at trade shows. There is regularly a catch but occasionally the free stuff is worth listening to the sales pitch.  This was the case last Spring when the two of us decided to look into a sign up to tour a local campground. The site was in a gated facility with private lakes, attractive recreation center as well as required that pretty much everyone signed up for a seasonal commitment.  This meant that you paid a membership fee that would include your campsite as well as use of all of the facilities there too. They provided a free weekend stay in one of the cottages just for listening about their program. The two of us absolutely wanted a free weekend but after hearing the speech, the two of us decided to sign on with them instead.  The two of us have an RV as well as figured it would be nice to have it already set up when the two of us wanted to get away for the weekend. It would save the time of hauling it to a campground, setting it up, as well as then cutting it all down again. The two of us would also have our own belongings, be able to set our temperature to our liking, as well as not have worry about someone else telling us how much the two of us can use the air conditioning system on a tepid Summer afternoon.  Many of the rental cottages at campgrounds either have a lock on the control unit or have it set to turn on at a higher temperatures than numerous are comfortable with. The two of us want to be in control of our own comfort. The campground is absolutely attractive as well as the two of us know that it is well worth the investment of the membership fee. Of course, the two of us figure that numerous of our friends as well as relatives will end up hitting us up for time at the RV when the two of us aren’t using it too. This is the case with any vacation property, even if it is just an RV.

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