Not enough heating and too moist in the basement for a bedroom

In college my three buddies and I decided to rent out an entire house. The house had three bedrooms and one bathroom. My friends all took the bedrooms and I took the entire basement. I thought I was the smart one taking the basement. My bedroom was huge and completely dark. It was easy to fall asleep and I had total privacy. However, the basement temperature control and humidity levels really were a pain. The main problem was really that the basement was always wet. In the Summer, the humidity would leak into the basement. I would have wet walls and flooring. Then, mold would grow everywhere. In order to stop the moisture, I had to run a portable dehumidifier right by my bed. Even with the dehumidifier controlling the moisture in the air quality, I still had mold. The mold would form in the dehumidifier and clog it up frequently. In the Winter, the area was a little dryer, but freezing cold. You would think that my room would be a hot box. The boiler system was literally set up in the basement. The boiler was hooked to ductwork though. The ductwork connected to the boiler and reached upstairs throughout the house. All the heated air would flow upwards to my roommates bedrooms. I never got any heating. I could feel the heat coming off the boiler, but could not access it. I actually had to get a space heater for the winter. So, the space was really nice. But, the lack of heating and terrible air quality really made basement living rough.

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