Not even horrid Heating and Air Conditioning could ruin our anniversary

I dated Matt for almost a year before he even kissed me.

It seemed every time he was about to make a move, his beeper went off.

I could see the sadness in his eyup and he usually asked me to be patient. I knew his family, and I was sure that if he was being beeped, it was an emergency. They owned one of the greatest Heating and Air Conditioning companies in the Northeast. When he finally had the option to kiss me, fireworks went off and every one of us both knew this was the real thing. The two of us had built an amazing friendship and it had turned into appreciate when every one of us weren’t trying. The two of us planned our anniversary, with the help of almost one hundred people. My parents and his family wanted the anniversary to be perfect. The two of us just wanted something easy however easy doesn’t happen when you have a hundred schedules to labor around and a Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to run. Somehow, amidst the summer time a/c breakdowns, emergency services and service repair, every one of us were able to set a date and it had finally arrived. I almost laughed when the hotel began to have trouble with their Heating and Air Conditioning system, the afternoon before our anniversary. The hotel had an entire floor booked, just with family and close friends. The two of us had their greatest ballroom set up for the anniversary and reception, however every one of us didn’t have any a/c. Matt told me not to worry, and I didn’t. Almost every person over the age of 25, who was there for the anniversary, was offering to put in time to keep the Heating and Air Conditioning from ruining our anniversary.

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