Not feeling safe on my runs through the city

I used to strictly run for my workouts. When I moved to the city, I assumed it would be great running through all the different business sections. I thought I’d see a lot of people, shops and enjoy a lot of visual stimuli. I’ve learned that running in the city is scary. First off, the cars don’t always check for runners or yield right of way. I worry about getting run over. A lot of dogs are not kept on leashes and can be threatening. I have had a few instances of men on my run acting a little too friendly and making me uncomfortable. For now, I am no longer running the streets. I don’t feel confident heading so far from my home all alone. I have been forced to find new ways to workout. I have several workout methods I now take advantage of. If I choose to workout at home, I utilize a wide array of fitness gear. I have purchased kettlebells for weightlifting, a wobble board for squats, and a big inflated ball that intensifies the benefits of abdominal crunches. I recently invested in a jump rope to provide some effective cardio. More often than not, I make the trip to a fitness center. I either participate in a group fitness class or jump on one of their treadmills. It is not as fun as running outside and facing natural inclines. I am happy that I am totally safe. I also have easy access to water, a bathroom and the locker rooms whenever I want. The group fitness classes are a great way to keep in shape. I have tried some new types of classes such as yoga, spin class and even a crossfit training class.


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