Not into yoga for fitness

I then sleep better at night

My friend Amy is really into yoga. For several years, Amy has tried to get me to join her yoga class. I am not a big fan of yoga. I don’t really sweat or feel as if I am getting a sufficient workout of my muscles. I mainly use yoga as a relaxation method. My friend acts like yoga is a really strenuous workout and it is all she does for her fitness. She is one of those tall, naturally thin women who eats like a bird. If I strictly used yoga for fitness, I would be a beast. I need to frequently switch up how I manage my workout or my body gets too accustomed to it. I sometimes target only high intensity cardio for a solid hour every morning. I either jump rope, run or ride my bike. There are days when I stick with lifting free weights, kayaking or I use a heavily weighted jump rope to tone my arms. If I go to the core progression gym, I don’t bother with a yoga class. There are more demanding classes such as crossfit training, spin class and kickboxing. I want the sweat to pour off me by the end. I expect to be out of breath and exhausted. I want to have difficulty combing my hair because my arms hurt so much. Not everyone is as dedicated as me. My friend prefers the social element and stress relief she gets from her yoga class. I need to sweat out the toxins, get a burn in muscles and get my heart pounding fast and hard. I then sleep better at night. Every now and then, I try a bit of yoga to make Amy happy but it always disappoints me. I have realized not everyone works out with the same goals.


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