Not paying attention to HVAC responsibilities will get you eventually

Well, today has been coming and I hate to say it but, I could have probably prevented this scenario.

We just experienced a very costly HVAC situation.

The worst part is the fact that I am responsible in large part for all of it. That’s just the facts. It’s not that I just completely forget stuff like the HVAC. There are times where I consciously decide to not do something or put it off forever. That is also just a fact. Until now, I haven’t really be punched in the mouth over my lack of doing what should be done. The HVAC is my deal. My wife and I sort of split up the different parts of the household responsibilities. So one of mine is the HVAC. I totally took advantage of that situation thinking that the HVAC would simply take care of itself. That is not a fact, that is fiction and stupid thinking on my part. I was never consistent with any part of my care for the HVAC. The plan was to get the HVAC serviced at least once a year. It hasn’t seen any preventive maintenance in at least three years by my count. The HVAC air filters are also a big deal. This is the way the HVAC breathes. Did I change them every month as I was supposed to. Oh no, not at all. I bet I changed the HVAC air filter an average of 3 times per year if you can believe that. Those missed opportunities have now come back to haunt me. The HVAC broke down. The HVAC tech was able to get it back running but told me that the HVAC would have to be replaced this year. That HVAC was barely even 10 years old.



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