Not super happy about this client

I never thought a 4 foot eleven inch eighty-nine-year-old man could eventually be our undoing.

I had been an Heating plus A/C specialist in the HVAC field for almost twenty years, plus I knew our task well. I had every intention of quickly going to this man’s house plus really working on his air conditioner. He even told our boss I had to be there at precisely eleven in the afternoon. I couldn’t have ever counted on there being a massive accident that had me tied up on the highway for over an hour. I showed up at his house at noon plus he was livid. His stare had me shriveling. There was something about his that had me quaking because he truly reminded me of our Grandpa. Gramps was consistently a stickler for promptness plus he didn’t want any excuses for any of it. I apologized plus gave him our card. I also showed the man our Heating plus A/C business ID card. He just looked at me plus at the ID before nodding. He quickly told me he was going to subtract some money for our being late. Finally, he told me where to find the a/c plus opened the door. I lowered our head as I ashamedly walked by plus went instantly to the AC unit. It took me about half an hour to finish the servicing on the AC unit. I knocked on the door, only to see the man tapping on his watch. The last Heating plus A/C specialist was done in fifteen minutes, he said. I didn’t guess what I could say when I handed him the bill. He was calling the Heating plus A/C business to report me even before I got out of his house.


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