Not sure what to do for my issues

My twin sister as well as I were accidentally born 6 weeks early. Our immune method has never been great since then, as well as my sister as well as I both suffer from horrible allergies. Some springtime afternoons are worse than others, despite the fact that I can already barely go Outdoors during the Springtime blooming season. My wonderful parents installed an air filtration method in our home, as well as we all had medical grade filters. The air inside of our house was constantly fresh as well as well sterilized as well as free of allergens as well as other contaminants. When I went off and left house for school, I wasn’t so lucky. I ended up in a dorm that was unfortunately located next to a field of blooming shrubs. As soon as I found my dorm assignment, I knew my allergies were very possibly going to be an issue. As I unpack my boxes as well as bedding, I knew I already felt my tear ducts watering. I decided to call my parents as well as ask them to please help and buy myself and others an whole-house air purifier, before they totally left the city. The advisor in my dorm did not have any of your standard problems with myself and others using the whole-house air purifier. I first thought my roommate might be irritated by the sound, but the air purifier that barely makes any noise at all. My roommate as well as I now entirely sleep better than anyone else in the building. I am proud that the people I was with and I have the best indoor air pollen levels. The portable whole-house air purifier is pretty nice, because I can take it anywhere that I go. Too bad I can’t have it in class.

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