Not the right fit

Ever since I was a young kid, I knew that I was going to have a job where I was able to work with my hands. Unlike my other siblings, I would always follow my dad around whenever something needed to be fixed up and would help him with the task. Once I reached adulthood, I decided to begin training to become a certified HVAC repairman. During the first few months of working at a local HVAC company and working full time, I was in love with my job. It wasn’t until a few weeks later when my boss retired that things started to take a turn for the worst.My old boss was an amazing man, and he had taught me almost everything that I knew about the HVAC repair industry. He had been patient and helpful during my training, but the person replacing him didn’t share the same characteristics. Not only was the new manager at the company rude, but he was also very unfair to our longtime customers. We were well known around the area to have very affordable prices for all HVAC heating and cooling unit repairs, but once he took over he raised the prices of all new units, repairs, and installation costs. It didn’t take long for our customers to notice this change, and day by day we began losing even our most longtime customers business. I decided not too long after that I didn’t want to be apart of this scam like HVAC company any longer, and as I turned in my resignation papers I made sure to tell the new manager exactly how I felt. The next step for me is to get a job at another competing HVAC company, because revenge is a dish best served cold!