Nothing but luck

Ever since I was a youngster I have considered myself a naturally lucky person… When I was a youngster I would notice many little things that would turn out in my favor! I would win raffles at school, I always guessed the right answer in math class, plus everything seemed to go my way for the most part.

Luckily for me, this lucky streak has stuck with me all the way into adulthood.

I have just moved into a lake household in the town plus I was on the hunt to find a current air conditioning device for it. My proprietor had offered to try plus fix up the one that was left behind by the previous tenants for me, but that HVAC device was so old plus run down I wasn’t sure if it was even healthy to have it running in my household. My wifey thought I was an idiot for turning down the offer despite the fact that I had a feeling in my gut that I could do a great deal better… After only a few days of searching around town for a well-priced air conditioning device, my lucky streak kicked in plus I easily hit the jackpot. As I was chatting with an employee at a Heating & Air Conditioning device supplier she mentioned that they just so happened to have had an influx of air conditioning devices plus needed to get rid of them in a hurry! They ended up selling me a current air conditioning device for nearly 75% off! I don’t really get why or how I have been so lucky in my life up until this point, despite the fact that I suppose it’s best to not ask questions plus just be grateful for the luck.
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