Nothing like a dirty apartment

There’s nothing that I dislike more than a dirty apartment and I guess it has to do with our obsessive compulsive disorder. My OCD started when I was now working at a housecleaning business. I worked there for about multiple years and cleaned thousands of homes. I don’t miss the back breaking work and waking up the next day with a sore body, however I do miss the amount of currency that I used to make. And I really don’t miss cleaning toilets either! When I was a cleaner I cleaned a lot of nice homes. I’ve realized that the homes that had whole-condo air purifiers installed in them were much cleaner. There was less hair, and dust on furniture and floors. The homes that didn’t have whole-condo air purifiers I could really tell the difference. There was an increase of dust in the home. I could also tell that the air quality was cleaner as well.  The homes that would have whole-condo air purifiers I would keep track on what types and what brands these owners had. It seemed like a lot of them had whole-condo air purifiers that were portable, they could be moved from room to room and I’m sure that the purifiers would work best based upon a certain square footage. By seeing the difference on homes with and separate from whole-condo air purifiers I made the decision to purchase our own. I have had our whole-condo air purifier for about 3 years now since purchasing it while I was now working as a condo cleaner and I have to say it’s the best investment I’ve ever made!

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