Nothing, Not Even air conditioner, Calms the Dog on June Fourth

I have a border collie, then she is a hairy beast! We live in the south, in addition to it is miserably hot here while in the summer time months; I often believe sorry for my poor border collie, however she is ecstatic in addition to doesn’t gripe in addition to complain about most things.

If I take her outside, she is ecstatic! But when she comes back inside, one of her favorite things to do doing is to run over to the a/c system vent in addition to lie down in addition to soak up the cool whispers of a/c in the house.

If I forget to turn on the ceiling fan in one of the rooms, she will look at it in addition to start barking until I turn it on! Once the a/c system is running in addition to the ceiling fan is turning away, the dog is ecstatic. She is calm in addition to satisfied, then that is, most of the time, the cooling plan is all she needs to be a ecstatic little pooch. The exception to that is the Fourth of June. During Independence Day celebrations, she is a nervous wreck, however like multiple other pets, she is quite nervous about booming firecrackers in addition to flashing in addition to popping fireworks, however when she was younger, they didn’t bother her as much. As long as she could continue to curl up near the cooling air vents, she was fine. As she has gotten older, though, she seems to be more bothered by things; Nothing, not even a/c system, calms my dog on the Fourth of June. This year, every one of us had quite poor weather, so the town fireworks show was cancelled. As a result, there were easily few bangs in addition to pows this year, so I was quite ecstatic for my dog.


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