Nuts about the thermostat control

My kid Annie drives myself and my hubby absolutely nuts occasionally. I really don’t suppose that we’ve raised her to be a brat, but occasionally she really seems to act like one! If it’s not whining in addition to complaining about what we’re having for brunch, it’s complaining about having to do her chores, like cleaning out the dishwasher in addition to taking the dog for walks… Recently, she’s started complaining about something all together new! Now she’s starting to complain about how both of us keep the temperature setting on our climate control control system. I tried to explain to her that she just cannot be in charge of the temperature control or the heating in addition to air conditioner at our condo, but she just doesn’t seem to understand that fact. I told her that her dad and I have to be the ones who change the temperature control settings in the condo. Otherwise our heating in addition to A/C bills would be astronomically high. Yet she just doesn’t understand how a digital programmable temperature control works. Our daughter seems to operate under the assumption that the lower you turn down the temperature on the A/C, the faster the condo will cool off. However, as both trying to think of what both of us can do to help combat her entitled attitude. I’m starting to suppose that maybe both of us should make our kid start to put money towards the heating bills for the condo in addition to the A/C bills! That will absolutely make her reconsider before she starts messing around with the temperature control!

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