Office HVAC hijinx

My office is filled with some interesting characters.  I work in advertising. The office space for the Ad firm is just a giant loft.  There are a few partitions along with a conference room and an office for the boss.  I sit in a far corner of the space because it gives me the best vantage for all of the personal interactions.  Keeping score of who is sleeping with who is a fun pastime, as is watching people lie and suck up. Lately, my favorite people watching exercise is the ongoing war over the HVAC thermostat.  Being a large space, having a single thermostat does not suit everyone. There are even factions and allegiances which are pitted against each other to control the sacred heating and cooling system.  That poor HVAC thermostat must be hanging by a thread given the daily abuse it endures. It appears the boss has about had it with all the yanking around of the thermostat. She called a meeting the other day specifically to address the heating and cooling crisis.  On a serious note, she made a good point about what it was costing the company in utility bills alone. And, the wear and tear it puts on the HVAC components is costly as well. The boss said she was setting an average temperature for the day given the weather forecast.  Then, she was locking a box around the HVAC thermostat. After work, I slid into her office to applaud the boss on her proactivity. I also mentioned there was this little thing called zoned heating and cooling which would give designated areas there own thermostat. My boss smiled at me and told me I just got a gold star.

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