Old concept, new technology

Throughout the ages, steam has been used for both power and heat.  Some may be of the thought that it is simply old technology that is rarely used today.  However, steam or, hydronic, technology is still very much in use. One of the most popular forms of this type of this is in the HVAC industry.  Hydronic heating is still very much in use both for residential, commercial, and even portable heating units. Hydronic heating is simply the use of a liquid, water or other, that is heated by an element and they circulated throughout a system of pipes or tubes.  Many people use hydronic baseboard heaters as a space heater instead of infrared or propane. This may be because of the safety factor. There are no exposed heating elements that can catch an item on fire. These electric baseboard heaters are efficient and clean and can be ideal for an extra bedroom or bathroom that needs a bit of extra warmth.  The liquid is completely sealed within the unit so there is no risk of damage from that either. The units work by drawing in cold air from the floor and depositing warm air from the top. This gives an even, warm heat without having to use a blower. Larger hydronic units may be powered by natural gas as well and heat the liquid in a large holding tank then send it through an entire system.  The idea of using liquid and steam to heat a space is still very much used by modern technology. Some things just make sense and if the technology still works, why replace it.

HVAC technology