Old house, New Problems

Have you ever run into a problem when it comes to using new technology?  I know that from time to time when I try to use an old computer program on a newer machine it just doesn’t sync. This was the case last winter when we tried to install a new HVAC system in our house. You wouldn’t think that something as simple as the way you heat your house would have this issue but our home has always had technology issues when it comes to our Wi-Fi and such. Running any type of wiring through the walls is almost impossible and our cable company had the hardest time getting a signal to reach our modem. When we wanted to install a programmable thermostat and new furnace that could connect remotely to HVAC dealer it turned out to be impossible.  Our house is an old farm house that has very thick walls and was constructed to withstand just about anything, however, this also means that it is not conducive to satellite signals getting through those walls either. We were forced to install a more simpler system and we still have a programmable thermostat but it must be done manually instead of remotely. I guess our house was trying to tell us that it wasn’t quite ready for the modern age of technology. I hope in the future they can come up with something that will work in everyone’s homes. I simply love all of the new gadgets that are available that can be controlled through Wi-Fi and would really like to update many other features in my house too. Plus it would be nice to be able to change the temperature in the house while lying in bed on a cold winter morning.

HVAC device